Dear friends,

welcome to our website.
With the Easter Candle from 2007 we want to greet you all _
and we want to proclaim our friendship
with Jesus the risen Lord.
The green, the blue and the brown sections on the candle stand for the friends of Jesus:
Martha, Lazarus und Maria! (cf. Luke and John).
They all have their unique gifts to bring:
Their hands, their body, their heart.
And Jesus welcomes them into the friendship
with himself and with his risen body in our time:
the church.

We try to live out these Good News
among the Deaf community around us:
in our diocese, in our province, in our world.
We are grateful for all our friends and fellow-believers,
who walk with us: in Germany and abroad.

Unfortunately we are not able to translate our website into English or Spanish or French -
but we are sure that the language of pictures,
the language of faces, signs and symbols
will be understood!

So check out the German sections - and join us in celebrating our faith!

Ralf Schmitz,

Maria Fiebus,
President Parish Council